Able Company, 141st Regiment, 36th Infantry Division

The 36th Division is also known as "The Texas Division," as well as the "T-Patch" division due to the large "T" on a downward pointing arrowhead graphic that served as the divisional insignia.

The actual 36th Infantry Division is currently a modular division of the United States Army and the Texas Army National Guard. It was activated for service in World War II on 25 November 1940, and was sent overseas in April 1943.

Its notable deployment began in April 1943 to North Africa, and later landed upon Italy where it was an integral armed force, along with other Allied forces, that moved northward to push the German armies out of Italy. This grueling campaign lasted from the fall of 1943 to the spring of 1944, with Rome being liberated just prior to the D-Day cross-channel invasion of the Normandy coastline in June 1944.

Living Historians preserve the WWII-era 36th Division by participating in private tactical events, as well as public battles and public displays of WWII-era militaria items (static displays consisting of weaponry, uniforms, gear, tents, etc.). One of the main reenactment events that features living historians presenting the 36th Division to the public is the annual March On Rome event held in late July on the historic grounds of Ft. Stanton near Capitan, NM. Here, the public can roam the fort grounds and interact with living historians who are encamped there for a weekend. Private tactical battles, and a public battle for the entertainment of spectators on the fort grounds, conclude the event.

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